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Day Time 3:29 PM - 12:00 AM Start Date 01 February 2021 Finish Date 06 December 2021 Duration Meetings once a month Venue

A great opportunity to meet new people and discuss your favourite books. 

New members welcome any time. Our book club meets once a month *Currently discussing books via Email group

Current novels scheduled for book club are:

The Family Gift (Cathy Kelly) Read in August to discuss in September 2020

The Secrets She Keeps (Michael Robotham)  Read September for discussion in October 2020

Three Women (Lisa Taddco)  Read in October for discussion in November 2020

Home: A Memoir of my Early Years: Julie Andrews  Read on November for discussion in December 2020

5th Horseman (James Patterson) Read December/January for discussion in February 2021

6th Target (James Patterson) Read January for discussion in February 2021

Ladies Swimming Circle (Sophie Green) Read in February for discussion in March 2021

The Gilded Cage (Camilla Lackberg)  Read in March for discussion in April 2021

The Diamond Hunter (Fiona McIntosh)  Read in April for discussion in May 2021


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