Herb Planting Workshop

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Day Sunday Time 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM Start Date 07 August 2022 Finish Date 07 August 2022 Duration 1.5 hrs Venue 572 Park Road Park Orchards

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to buying herbs from the supermarket? Avoid the chemicals and find joy in watching your herbs grow!  This cost effective method will mean you have herbs to choose from year round for all your cooking and herbal tea desires!

This workshop will show you how easy it can be to grow your own herbs at home.

The workshop will start by potting up herbs into terracotta pots and labelling them to create your own potted herb garden. Then there will be a walk through the community house garden and an opportunity to choose suitable herbs to make a delicious and refreshing hot herbal drink, a tisane. 

You will learn:

- which herbs are at their best this time of year
- how to keep your potted herb garden happy and flourishing
- how herbs grown close to your kitchen can benefit your health

Pot, herbs, potting mix and labels are all included! You will walk away with your very own potted herb garden!

**To assist us in planning, we appreciate you enrolling 7 days prior to start date**


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