Pasta Making Workshop

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Day Saturday Time 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Start Date 29 April 2023 Finish Date 29 April 2023 Duration 2 hours Venue 572 Park Road PARK ORCHARDS

You will learn to make a basic Egg Pasta dough which you will turn into many different forms of pasta.

The trainer will also be showing the use of a hand pasta machine and the types of pasta you can make with the pasta machine.
Learn how to make different forms of pasta by hand as well, including linguine, fettucine and pappardelle.


"I was a fresh pasta novice, the machines frightened me....but with the help of the team in this workshop, I now feel confident to give it a shot at home!
Pasta Reggio are so so friendly, knowledgeable and approachable that it just made for a great afternoon. Please do this workshop, it's just so much fun!"

**To assist us in planning, we appreciate you enrolling 7 days prior to start date**


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