Sustainability Group - Improve energy efficiency at home

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Day Wednesday 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM Duration 09 November 22 - 09 November 22 90 minutes Venue 572 Park Rd Park Orchards

Our Sustainability Group is well underway and we are excited to announce our second guest speaker.

Bruce Mullan - a participant of the group and training to become a Scorecard Home Energy Assessor!

Bruce, with his wife Pam, designed and built their sustainable Donvale house in 2007 well before sustainability was spoken about. Balancing cost, comfort and heritage design, their property incorporates passive energy design, roof-top solar, on-ground solar, a thermal battery, rainwater harvesting and home automation.

This hands on Sustainability Group session will dive into improving your home’s thermal comfort using insulation, shading and draught-proofing. Bruce will bring his tool-kit and some samples as well as conduct a live walk-around of the Community House’s building features with an energy efficiency lens.

This session is one not to be missed, bring along your friends and family, all welcome!

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